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Weaver Supplement Volume 4 - OT Period of Kings & People

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Slavery, giants, birth, war, heroes, democracy—What do these topics have in common? They conjure up emotions and emotions are powerful. Weaver Supplement Volume 4 will lead your junior and senior high school homeschool child through a year of exploring emotional topics. From learning about physical giants like Goliath and spiritual giants like David, to the astounding wisdom of Solomon; from the divided kingdom and the prophets who tried to warn the Israelites, to the captivity that resulted from lack of obedience, students will experience all the drama.

What an opportunity! The Weaver Curriculum® is a Bible-based, non-consumable program. Adding the Weaver Supplement Volume 4 allows you to teach grades K-12 the same topic. Your older child will benefit from the research reports required for their science and social studies topics, and they’ll enjoy the in-depth discussions they’ll have around the dinner table with their newfound knowledge. A list of suggested literature to choose from includes biographies, fiction, non-fiction, and classics. To further round out your child’s educational experience, consult On Eagles Wings for detailed resources and a listing of grade-level requirements. Order your copy of Weaver Supplement Volume 4 from Alpha Omega Publications today and give your child a learning adventure!

ISBN- 9781580958554