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Weaver Supplement Volume 2 - Exodus & Books of Law

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Weaver Supplement Volume 2 continues the tradition of offering more in-depth studies for your 7-12 grade homeschool child. After starting with Bible in the Weaver Volume 2, your junior and senior high school child will dig deeper into topics such as royalty as you study Moses’ upbringing; miracles as Pharaoh’s heart is continually hardened against God; leadership as Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt; and deserts as the Children of God wander aimlessly for forty years. Your older child will study the Lost Colony of Roanoke, the Albany Plan, and the House of Burgesses while your younger students touch on early U.S. history and the settlement of our country.

You’ll be glad to know the Supplement Volume 2 is set up with the same format as the Supplement Volume 1. Bulleted lists, keyed activities, literature lists and chapters set up by grade-levels create a user-friendly format to make your teaching easier. Vocabulary words are included within the lessons, and references to resource books are noted as well. A non-consumable format makes the Supplement reusable in later years, as your younger children grow. Order your copy of Weaver Supplement Volume 2, by Alpha Omega Publications, and prepare your child for an adventure in learning that will last a lifetime!

ISBN- 9781580958530