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Weaver - Spelling Level 6 (Grade 7-12)

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Once your children reach junior high, it’s more important than ever that they use a thorough spelling program. Weaver Success in Spelling is that program! It includes complete daily directions for the teacher, as well as spelling rules, vocabulary word lists, and instructions for diacritical marks and syllabication. The 17 spelling rules include examples of words that fit the rules and exceptions. Prefixes and suffixes are covered extensively—a list of the most common prefixes and suffixes is included with their meanings and examples.

Weaver Success in Spelling Level 6 will also train your junior and senior high school homeschool children to think about what they say and what they write. They will learn the difference between formal and informal language, and how to express themselves properly in any situation. Order your copy of Success in Spelling Level 6 from Alpha Omega Publications and see how far your child will go!

ISBN- 9781580958660