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Weaver - Spelling Level 5 (Grade 6)

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Daily lesson plans walk you and your child through each of the 75 lessons within Success in Spelling Level 5. Age-appropriate activities and fun games (such as Word Explosion, creating advertisements using spelling words, defining words, and writing letters with spelling words) help reinforce each day’s list. Lists of commonly used words for the 6th grader, and instructions for diacritical marks and syllabication, are also included. Although written for The Weaver Curriculum®, this program is complete and can be used with any homeschool curriculum.

Here are just a few of the words your child will encounter with Weaver Success in Spelling Level 5: bridal and bridle; assistance and assistants; pique and peak; haughtiest, sweetness, porcelain, and more. Besides learning to spell, your child will learn some fantastic vocabulary words! No wonder homeschooling parents love this program! Order your copy of Weaver Success in Spelling Level 5 from Alpha Omega Publications today and discover how much fun spelling can be. You might just become a better speller yourself!

ISBN- 9781580958653