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Weaver - Spelling Level 2 (Grade 3)

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Success in Spelling is designed for spelling success. In Success in Spelling Level 2 your child will have 46 lessons beginning with long vowels under a first syllable accent. Your child will continue through blends and digraphs, with an emphasis placed on vowel sounds and their spelling. Syllabication and diacritical markings are taught, with complete instructions located within the book. This program has everything you need to help your child succeed in learning to spell!

Level 2 begins with simple words like navy, rosy, and happy, and continues through to words like fragrant, blanket, and thunder. A master spelling list for the teacher is included, plus pretest lesson forms for the student. As a further convenience, there are daily lesson plans with activities and games to help your child learn to spell. Order Weaver Success in Spelling Level 2 from Alpha Omega Publications today and make spelling a priority in your homeschooling day.

ISBN- 9781580958622