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Weaver - Skills Evaluation

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Have you ever wondered if your child is learning what other children his age are learning? Have you ever fretted that there would be gaps in your child’s education? Do you need to supply an educational outline for state officials each year? You’ll be glad to know that Weaver Skills Evaluation can help you in all of these areas! More than a scope and sequence, Skills Evaluation for the homeschool is a comprehensive listing of what your child needs to know by the time they reach 6th grade. Although it can be used independently of The Weaver Curriculum®, it will provide for grade placement of your children when used in conjunction with the Volumes. Simply stated, this book is necessary for every homeschooling parent!

Written by a homeschooling parent, for homeschooling parents, Skills Evaluation is designed to help parents mold their curriculum to their child’s learning needs. Used as a framework, it should be consulted throughout the year as your child builds one skill upon another. Check boxes are included in the listing, allowing parents to mark the skills learned. For multiple children, use colored pens or highlighters to distinguish each child. Not all children learn at the same rate. With Skills Evaluation on hand, you’ll be prepared to know when your child is ready to move on to the next skill. Order Weaver Skills Evaluation by Alpha Omega Publications today and be prepared to watch your child grow in knowledge.

ISBN- 9781580958844