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Weaver - Learning to Love Literature

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In today’s fast-paced, wireless world, filled with specialized ’’chat’’ language, e-books, and Internet blogs, your child is bombarded with written words. Generally speaking, literature is anything that is written. Specifically, literature is an art form. How much good art is your child experiencing each day? That’s where Learning to Love Literature fits in. Designed for junior and senior high school homeschool students, it contains step-by-step instructions for teaching literature. Complete lesson plans are provided, along with classical reading lists, teacher preparation lists, discussion questions, and activities. Designed around the text Reading Between the Lines, by Gene Edward Veith, Jr., the lesson plans harmonize daily readings with books to be read.

Some of the authors you and your child will be reading will be Max Lucado, C. S. Lewis, and Charles Dickens to name just a few. That’s right, you will read along with your child. You are not expected to simply assign reading to your child. This course will teach you how to tease your children into reading. The key factors are your attitude and the emphasis you place on reading. Order your copy of Learning to Love Literature from Alpha Omega Publications and watch your child fall in love with great literature.

ISBN- 9781580958868