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Weaver - Highway to English Grammar Teacher Text

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Once you’ve completed Weaver Wisdom Words, where do you go from there? Glad you asked! Once your child has completed Wisdom Words, he’ll be ready to tackle bigger assignments. High Way to English Grammar is just such an assignment! This two-year grammar program includes all the grammar skills needed for a homeschool student in grades 7-12. The first year is spent learning and reviewing the basics of grammar, from subjects and predicates to modifiers and complements; from prepositions and verb usage to conjunctions and infinitives. After completing the first year of High Way to English Grammar, your child will be ready to diagram the book of Romans. That’s a claim very few grammar programs can make!

The program is set up to have one lesson each week. The lesson is spread out over the course of a week, with time for both oral review and written exercises. If this schedule is followed, the course should take forty weeks to complete. A Student Grade Sheet is included to assist you in keeping track of your child’s progress throughout the year. An exhaustive index, listing the various parts of speech studied in the program, is included within the Teacher’s Manual for easy reference. Order High Way to English Grammar from Alpha Omega Publications today and set your child on the road to good communication skills!

ISBN- 9781580958882