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Weaver - Highway to English Grammar Student Text

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Your child understands nouns and verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and can even discern the subject from the predicate. But, can your child identify a modifier? Does your child know the difference between a participle phrase and a gerund phrase? When was the last time your child split an infinitive? If questions like these keep you up at night, read on!

The elementary years in your homeschool were spent learning the basic parts of speech, but now that your child is older you want him to have a thorough understanding of the English language. Understanding how words work together in a sentence will bring new understanding to everything from Bible passages to technical manuals to the current best-seller. As you work through one lesson each week, you’ll interact with your child orally and in writing until the first year is completed—in forty-weeks. For the second year, you’ll take your child through the book of Romans, diagramming the words of the Apostle Paul as he speaks to fellow believers in Christ. The student text is consumable, so your child will be able to refer back to his work over the years whenever he has a question about grammar. Order High Way to English Grammar, one of the many great products from The Weaver Curriculum® line, from Alpha Omega Publications today and set your child on the road to good communication skills.

ISBN- 9781580958899