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Weaver - 1-2-3 Read! Student Book

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The Weaver 1-2-3 Read! program will prepare your children for reading God’s Word, which is the goal of this program. The student workbook comes complete with puppets, flashcards, color pictures, fill-in-the-blank activities, and Bible stories. Combine this with the teacher’s handbook, flip chart, and music tapes and your child will love learning to read! The stories within the student workbook are simplified accounts of biblical happenings. Noah, David, Peter, and Moses are just a few people your child will read about. A few Psalms are also included. As your child learns new phonics rules, the phonics rules are incorporated into the stories, each one building upon the last. Order Weaver 1-2-3 Read! from Alpha Omega Publications and take the stress out of teaching reading.

ISBN- 9781580958752