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Tozer Speaks: 128 Compelling & Authoritative Teachings-2 Volume Set

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In this two volume set you receive 128 persuasive and authoritative teachings by one of America’s most beloved preacher A.W.Tozer. His sharp and insightful style may startle some readers, but what is to be gained from Tozer wisdom and exposition of Scripture is immeasurable. Tozer Speaks includes well over one hundred sermons including:



  • 50 Selections from his pulpit ministry


  • 10 Messages on the Holy Spirit


  • 10 Sermons on the Gospel of John


  • 12 Essays on Spiritual Perfection


  • 12 Sermons on 1 Peter


  • 12 Sermons on Well Known and Favorite Biblical Texts


  • 12 Sermons on the Life & Ministry of the Christian Church


  • 10 Sermons of the Voice of God Calling Man


Hardcover, 2 Vol Set

ISBN- 9781600662713