This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

The Names on the Gates of Pearl

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How did God do it? How is it possible for sinners like Jacob’s sons to have their names inscribed in Heaven? It goes without saying that we aren’t God’s type. Yet He intends not only that His people be with Christ but that they also be like Christ. How can a person not love such a God, the God who not only takes prodigals into the Father’s house, but then inscribes their names on the gates by which they came home to Him? The Names on the Gates of Pearl are Jacob’s sons!

It’s one of the most shocking discoveries in the Bible! The book of Genesis introduces us to Jacob’s sons. Reuben, the firstborn, unstable as water. Simeon and Levi, instruments of cruelty. Judah with his hand on his enemies’ neck. Issachar is a band of slaves. Dan is a serpent and Benjamin is like a ravenous wolf. So reads Jacob’s ’’blessing’’ on his boys.

Their actual history is hardly more encouraging. Wars, rebellion, unbelief, idolatry. . .it’s all there for you to read. But wait! That isn’t the end of the story! As the Word of God comes to its conclusion, suddenly, to our amazement, we discover Jacob’s dozen have their names inscribed on the gates of Heaven’s capital city! How God did it with them-and how He can do it with us-is the the subject of this fascinating book

Paperback, 154 pages. 

ISBN- 9781882701322