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The Best of A W Tozer: (Book One and Two sold as a set)

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Titles are:

The Best of A W Tozer Book One
The Best of A W Tozer Book Two

Tozer could take the truth and hold it up to the light and make it shine like a diamond!

Covers Tozer’s major thoughts on the Christian Faith.  Writing as a passionate Christian and pastor, Tozer emphasized the supremacy of God and man’s hunger to worship.  Each chapter unveils a profound, engaging, and convicting insight into some of the problems with modern Evangelicalism.  Covers major themes of God’s holiness and personal surrender to the Lordship of Christ.  Tozer would write his books after many long hours of prayer and contemplation.  Hence the reason for their popularity and continuing influence.  Some of the excerpts from this volume are:

If your soul gets parched and you feel God is not close at hand, grab one of Tozer’s books to help cheer your soul!

Paperback, Two-Volume Set

ISBN- 9781600660436S