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Switched-On Schoolhouse 4, Math

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Curriculum on USB flash drive

Does your child dread math lessons? Do you dread the struggle of trying to teach math concepts? Now you don’t have to. With Switched-On Schoolhouse 4th Grade Math, your child will learn math in an encouraging, motivating format. Created for today’s student, this computer-based math course clearly outlines math concepts in a clear, easy-to-understand format. Extra helpful multimedia tools like a math calculator, video clips, and math games are added to enhance your child’s learning experience. Now you can build your child’s confidence with a homeschool curriculum that promotes academic success with engaging entertainment. Colorful, innovative lessons cover a variety of math problems and topics. With SOS 4th Grade Math, your child will focus on learning fractions, lines and shapes, whole numbers, and decimals. Your child’s understanding of math will increase as he studies factors, multiples, expressions, and missing number problems. SOS 4th Grade Math, packed with helpful information, offers you and your child a unique, thorough examination of the fundamentals of arithmetic. Plus, Switched-On Schoolhouse is an award-winning curriculum! Clearly, SOS 4th Grade Math from Alpha Omega Publications is what you need to help your child succeed in math. 

ISBN- 9780740337451