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NASB Zodhiates Hebrew-Greek Keyword Study Bible Black Bonded

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The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible, New American Standard Bible, is a complete English Bible text for cross-reference study to the original languages from which the Bible was translated.

Key Features

Book Introductions
Footnotes on Key Passages
Red Letter Edition
Text is NASB 1977 edition

System of Study

Key Words in the English Text Identified by James Strong’s Numbering System
Codes in the New Testament Text Identify Grammatical Structure of Key Greek Words
Notations Explain the Significance of the Grammatical Codes
Hebrew and Greek Word Studies
Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries


AMG Center-column Reference
AMG Concordance

Black Bonded Leather
6 1/2’’ X 9 1/2’’ X 1 3/4’’

ISBN- 9780899577517