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Living Fossils: Teacher’s Manual

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This Teacher’s Manual is designed for students from junior high to college and is intended to accompany the book Living Fossils. The student will learn how animals and plants are classified, how fossils are named, and how many modern-appearing animals have been found with dinosaurs. The material presented in this course contains interviews with over 16 expert scientists from some of the most highly acclaimed scientific institutions, universities, and museums of the world.

This Teacher’s Manual contains all of the tools needed to assist in lesson preparation including:

Purpose of Chapter - To summarize the purpose of each chapter for the instructor
Class Discussion Questions - To stimulate student interest in the chapter material
Objectives of Chapter for Students - To assist students in preparing for examinations
Chapter Examinations - To assess if students adequately understand the materials
Sectional Examination - To prepare students for the comprehensive final examination
Comprehensive Final Examination - To assure students retain the information

A thorough study of the current evidence both for and against the theory of evolution is timely. As one of the most controversial topics of our day, it is appropriate for learning institutions and home educators to address this issue, and advantageous for students to be part of this important discussion.

Paperback, 260 pages.

ISBN- 9780892216888