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Kregel Pictorial Guide to Bible History

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  • Fold-out panoramic timeline
  • Brief history of Israel
  • Genesis to Revelation
  • Major Bible dates
  • Contempory world events

  • When did the Exodus take place?
  • Who was king of Israel at the time of the first Olympic Games?
  • When did the Jewish exiles return to Judah?
  • Who was emperor of Rome at the time of Jesus’ birth?

    These and many other questions are answered in this unique and informative guidebook with fold-out timeline, which can be used as a classroom or study wall chart. Along with all the important biblical dates, the timeline also displays many events from the world of politics and the arts that were contemporary with the biblical era.

    The book also includes a succinct and illustrated summary of the history of Israel by Dr. David Payne of London Bible College.