This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

Abide With Me

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Photography by Paul Seawright.

Combining internationally acclaimed Paul Seawright’s breathtaking photographs and John Parker’s descriptive text, Abide with Me is a gorgeous collection of images from the sites, sounds, and history that gave birth to some of Christianity’s most poignant and revered hymns. You are familiar with these songs, but do you know:

The hymn specially written for a sister’s wedding in 30 minutes
The privileged poet and hymnist who would die ministering in India
The first British hymn ever written and its original language
The song of comfort written by the daughter of a newspaper editor; a song associated with the funerals of three American presidents

In the past 300 years, no other collection of poetry and music has been voiced or loved as consistently as have British hymns. Every week during those centuries, worshipers in churches throughout Britain, Europe, and America have read and sung such verses as ’’Rock of Ages’’ and ’’Abide with Me.’’ Whether celebrations of joy or in times of sadness, these hymns have become staples of our culture, and this book will become a classic family favorite as well.

Vividly portrays the inspiration and history of twenty of the most popular hymns.

Highlights the faithful work of twenty composers, like John Newton, Henry Lyte, and Sarah Flowers Adams

Includes a free 23-song CD featuring beloved hymns, performed by Ray Walker of the Jordinaires and other artists.

Hardcover, 112 pages.

ISBN- 9780892216901