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KJV Life Application Study Bible LARGE PRINT Bonded Burgundy Indexed

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The Life Application Study Bible , today’s #1 selling study Bible, has a wealth of resources that can help you discover how to apply the truth of God’s Word to everyday life. Its many features- book introductions, in-text maps, personality profiles, and charts- aid in answering the questions you have about how the Bible applies to your life.




  • Life Application notes—over 10,000 life application notes help you understand the meaning of the Bible and apply its truth to your life.


  • Contributors—nearly 100 contributors and several renowned scholars from various denominations helped prepare and review the study helps. Their participation assures you that all study helps are accurate and true to the Bible text.


  • Book introductions focus on each book’s great themes. An outline, time line and other vital facts are also included.


  • Profiles of Bible people—special highlighted sections feature profiles of over 100 key people. Each profile contains a biographical sketch; a key lesson from that person’s life; and lists of that person’s strengths, accomplishments, weaknesses, and mistakes.


  • Charts and Maps (200) are available within the text and book introductions; its like having at atlas built right into your Bible. The 260 charts and diagrams help highlight important information and explain difficult concepts and relationships.


  • An updated, extensive cross reference system helps you find related passages quickly.


  • The comprehensive index to all the notes, charts, maps and personality profiles and the 60 page dictionary concordance are ideal for Bible study and teaching preparation.


  • The words of Christ in red


  • Three different daily devotional reading programs