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MacArthur Bible Studies: The Exodus From Egypt - Moses & God’s Mercy

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They first moved to Egypt as honored guests, but they left as despised slaves, pursued by Pharaoh’s army. The Israelites set out on a great exodus from Egypt to Canaan, but their journey took a dramatic detour as they spent forty years wandering in the wilderness. This amazing account of Abraham’s descendants and the reasons for the events that occurred are important for every Christian to understand.

The Exodus from Egypt takes an in-depth look at the historical period beginning with God’s calling of Moses, continuing through the giving of the Ten Commandments, and concluding with Moses’ death. Studies include close-ups of Moses, Aaron, Caleb, and others, as well as careful considerations of doctrinal themes, such as ’’In God’s Service’’ and ’’Justice versus Mercy.’’

Paperback, 124 pages.

ISBN- 9781418533250