This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I Timothy 1:15

A Closer Look At The Evidence

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This unique devotional contains 365 pages of evidences for the reality of a biblical creation from over 20 different areas of science and education. The primary purpose of this book is to help people understand what makes Christianity so trustworthy. Many books are available on the scientific evidence for creation, but most are difficult to share due to the technical nature of the subject matter. This book is written to be enjoyed as a daily devotional, but can also serve as an easy-to-read resource on the physical evidence that our Creator exists.

God’s desire is that the knowledge of what He has done through both the cross and creation is for everyone. We must not keep this knowledge to ourselves. The evidence that He is our Creator is so overwhelming and encouraging that it desperately needs to be shared in the world today. A Closer Look at the Evidence is designed to be an affordable resource to both reinforce our individual faith and facilitate sharing the reasons for this faith.

Each page summarizes interesting facts about God and/or creation. The reader is encouraged to find more extensive and detailed information through the sources listed at the bottom of each page. Occasionally the source is quoted directly, but more often the material is summarized. The book is a great resource for both individuals and classrooms, suitable for elementary through adult.

Hardcover, 404 pages.

ISBN- 9781939456311